About us

About Råbylunds Gård


The farm was purchased from the church in 1785, but the family that still runs the farm came to Stora Råby in the 17th century. We know all this from the church books, but also from the farm archive that has followed the farm for several hundred years. The current owner, Håkan K Pålsson, born on the farm, moved back in 2003 after years of study in Lund, mobile adventures in Switzerland, spa experiences in Västerbotten and management years in Stockholm. Extensive renovation work has taken place since then - all the farm's buildings have been renovated, rebuilt and expanded.

What we offer

Råbylunds Gård is a meeting place for both business and private customers in the village of stora Råby, just on the outskirts of Lund! We offer conference facilities, a restaurant, a living room, a workplace and a place to stay - all in one.

There is a restaurant with seating for around 100 diners with access to an outdoor terrace overlooking Råbylund Park and Råbysjön. The farm offers four conference rooms of different sizes and four smaller group rooms. There are 31 office modules, about 20 seats in our open office landscape, and 15 apartments and one villa for rent. In addition, there are larger office spaces for rent.

What do we want

We want to inspire our guests to memorable meetings, knowledge, big and small experiences, creativity and joy. We believe our environment invites just that. With us it should feel like "coming home".

Welcome to us at Råbylunds Gård!

Håkan K. Pålsson