IDG hub at Råbylunds Gård

We have started a Hub and network at Råbylunds Gård with the purpose of gathering people and organizations that are curious about and want to support the work and initiative related to IDG, an abbreviation of Inner Development Goals. The realization of the complexity and difficulties of transforming a world, a society, or an organization to function in a more sustainable way requires curiosity, cooperation, perseverance, knowledge and a humble and open approach, We know that all development begins with and in ourselves and it is with ourselves as a tool we can influence our future. It is these two insights that form the basis of our IDG Hub at Råbylunds Gård.

What do we want to do?

We invite people and organizations who are curious and interested in these issues to join us in understanding the challenges and opportunities we face in developing sustainable societies based on ourselves, but also with an openness and curiosity for technology and innovation. With increased knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world around us, there is an opportunity for us to influence development together. That's cool!

If you are interested in joining or receiving future information, please send an email to and follow us on LinkedIn at IDG Hub@.Råbylunds Gård

Let's keep in touch & welcome to join the journey!

Sarah, Hanna, Magnus & Håkan