Lunch menu

Welcome to enjoy a delicious lunch with us on weekdays at 11.30-14.00. If you can control your hunger and come between 13:00-14:00, you become a Late Bird and get a lunch of the day for only 126:-.

Husband of the day - 145 SEK incl. small soup, main course and coffee.

Welcome and please book a table at or phone 0723-50 01 78 or use the button below!

December 4 - December 8

Monday -Fish lasagnawith sunflower seeds, spinach leaves and broccoli
Tuesday -Salmon puddingwith dill, browned lemon butter and lingonberries
Wednesday -Wallenbergarewith lingonberries, peas, browned butter and mashed potatoes
Thursday -Cookedveal in dill
Friday -Mushroom risottowith chicken thighs and red wine sauce

All week

Vegetarian of the week:
Corn fritters with roasted pumpkin and chili cream 175 kr.

Toast skagen 165 kr
Gravad Lax with dill stewed potatoes, hoofmaster sauce 180 kr
Schnitzel with capers, anchovies, lemon, fried potatoes, peas and red wine sauce 175 kr
Boeuf Bourgignon 170 kr


Creme brulee 75 kr
Ice cream with blackberries 80 kr

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