Conference activities

Combining a conference/meeting with an activity is usually highly appreciated by our groups here.

There are simple activities such as Kubb, Boccia, Giant Picking Stick and Horseshoe Toss that can be practiced right outside the house on our green areas. Or just a brisk walk around the lake!

We also have a good collaboration with Sherlocked, Utmaningarnas hus, Samspel-Skapa en orkester. These activities give the group many laughs, fun and challenging moments together.If you want to practice a slightly more artistic activity, we recommend Ateljé Råbygård with turning and if you feel like something more tasty, we have Ahlgrens confectionery that holds chocolate tasting.

Below is a short presentation of the activities. Just get back to us and we will help you with a suitable proposal.

If you want to use your own actors outside our activity network, we need to be contacted in advance for review and approval.

The House of Challenges

This partner offers several options for fun activities - from the Garden Olympics outdoor activity offered between May and August to In a box, an exciting activity also for hybrid meetings. All teams receive a bag filled with practical and tricky activities that can be completed both individually and in groups.

Team Factory is a game where your workplace becomes a playing field. Rotate between stations where, as a team, you take on handcrafted missions. The game show concept is simple: your super excited hosts for the evening guide you through the game filled with creative, practical and entertaining tasks.

Package wrapping with Kristin Olson

Kristin teaches and holds workshops in beautiful gift wrapping for both individuals and companies. In addition, she also inspires daily with tips and ideas on social media.

The activity is designed according to the target group and wishes. Below is an outline of a general 2-hour workshop.

- Calculate paper without wasting
- Do's and don'ts when wrapping packages, what makes a package beautiful and creates the wow effect (no frills)
- Basic skills to make the perfect gift wrap
- The perfect bow
- The best wrapping for tricky shapes
- Creative wrapping

The minimum number of participants is 4 people.
Minimum cost 2.500:-

Mindfulness with New Insights - Christel Lilja

Inspirational lecture that creates an understanding of how training in conscious presence - mindfulness - can help, among other things, to find back to focus despite a stressful work or life situation.

You will get an inspiring lecture on:
- our origins and how we are affected by stress
- the importance of recovery
- what mindfulness is and what happens in the heart and brain during exercise
- what the research says.

Depending on the length of the assignment, we also do one or more exercises so that you can try out mindfulness and also get concrete exercises to take away and use in everyday life at work and at home.

Time: 60 - 90 - 120 minutes
Price: 395 - 495 - 550 SEK per person excl. VAT
Minimum number of participants: 8 pcs.

In case of a smaller number of participants, requests for other arrangements or combination with option B below - ask for a quote.


In addition to trying out different types of mindfulness exercises, you will get concrete tips and tools to bring into your everyday life to help you find your way back to focus and presence.

When we become aware of our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations - the moment deepens. Conscious presence increases, it becomes easier to find your way back to focus - to the here and now - and you also become more aware of your automated behavioral patterns.

We customize the arrangement that is best for you. Examples of exercises we can do are different breathing techniques, meditations, body scans, exercises in movement such as mindful yoga (yinyoga), mindful qigong and mindful walking, hiking where we start from the farm, focus exercises two by two.

You come as you are and no change of clothes is required. The choice of exercises, weather and how you feel will determine whether we are inside or outside. Maybe both.

Time: 60 - 90 - 120 minutes

Price: 395 - 495 - 550 SEK per person excl. VAT
Minimum number of participants: 8 pcs.

If there are fewer participants or you want a longer program, ask for a quote.

Both activities above can be booked independently or combined with option A and option B respectively. Ask for a quote.

Read more about New Insight at

Triathlon or pentathlon

These fun classics are outdoors on our lawns and therefore weather dependent. Choose from a variety of challenges including Horseshoe Toss, Boccia, Croquet, Giant Pickleball, Bean Bag Toss and Kubb. We provide rules and score sheets for each challenge. Of course, you can also choose to do just one of the games.

Turning & Building in Clay at Ateljé Råbygård.

A short walk down Byavägen is the nice Ateljé Råbygård where you can try the ceramic crafts such as ringing, rolling, turning and sculpting, all according to your wishes. The minimum number of participants is 6 people and the maximum is 12. If you are a larger group, an activity can be customized.

Chocolate tasting

Ahlgrens Konfektyr with stores both here in Lund and Malmö, is one of our partners when it comes to chocolate tasting. Completely according to your wishes. Just get back to us with your requests. We will get back to you with a sweet and delicious proposal.

Create an Orchestra

Creating a winning team is not the easiest thing to do. Getting everyone on the same page is essential when forming an orchestra, for example, but also in any kind of team. Samspel Team Music helps you with this in a fantastic and unforgettable way! In about 2 hours, your team will play lovely music together, and you might even discover some new talents in the team...

Our photo walls

In total, our photo walls consist of over 150 photos of both famous and less famous people and inventions, places and buildings. The challenges are endless; educational, fun and guaranteed to provide some Aha moments!

Leg stretching/walking

Just outside the farm there is a nice walking path that goes around the small lake. Take the group for a little leg stretch and get some fresh air at the same time. Free of charge and good for the heart and brain!


The society is divided into teams to solve a decades-old case (or case as they call it). Using evidence, it is important to be the first team to crack the case. There are several different cases to solve so you can do this several times. Incredibly fun, exciting and mysterious! 60-90 minutes.

Parlour games

We also have various board games (Chess, 4 in a row, card games, hobo chess) and Trick or Treat that you can borrow for free at the bar.