Business Community

Råbylunds Gård Business Community

You can rent general office spaces from 100 m2 up to 1200 m2, welcome with your request.

Råbylunds Gård Business Community is a business hotel and business network situated at the Råbylund farm. An important part of the concept is that the network will contribute to and stimulate the active members and their businesses in several ways - by being a forum for developing new contacts, concepts, and business activities, and by contributing to new knowledge in a creative and development-oriented environment.

When you rent your office space at Råbylunds Gård Meeting & Living, you become part of the business network and get access to joint creative office and meeting environments divided into small secluded office rooms, open-plan offices, and smaller meeting rooms. Moreover, you get access to a beautiful outdoor environment overlooking the farming land and the neighboring village church. There is also ample parking space in connection to the offices.


This is included in the subscription:

  • Access to conference and meeting rooms of varying sizes
  • Option: Your own office room or a working place in an open office
  • Access to kitchen and break room
  • Wireless Internet
  • Access to catering service
  • Access to fax, copy machine, and scanner
  • Free parking
  • Access to business accommodation and apartments

Subscription fee

  • Your own office room - from 3495 SEK/month excl. of VAT
  • A work place in our open-space office - 1895 SEK/ month excl. of VAT