Råbylunds gård - Business Community, Meeting & Living - is a meeting place in close vicinity to Lund offering creative offices, meeting rooms, and accommodation, all in one facility. Here you can rent a space in our business hotel - and be part of the Business Community. You can also rent your own office space. We can also provide conference and meeting rooms in various sizes as well as company apartments - Råbylunds Gård Living.

Råbylunds Gård is situated at Stora Råby village in close vicinity to the city of Lund. The farm is adjacent to the business area of Gastelyckan/Hasslanda with access to restaurants and bus connections. By bicycle you reach the city of Lund in 10 minutes and by car you have quick and easy access to the E22 expressway.

Prästavägen 12, 224 78 Lund, Sweden