Sustainability & reflection

Much of what we should be doing is fairly self-evident if our planet and our conditions on Earth are to remain favorable for future generations of plants, animals and people.

We work to contribute in various ways to maintaining a healthy environment on earth and have always been early adopters of various environmental investments.

The farm is powered by geothermal heat, which is captured by a 4500 meter long geothermal tube that helps to greatly increase the efficiency of the heating system.
In addition, we have a photovoltaic system that occupies the entire south-facing roof area, producing about 55,000 kw per year.
Our ventilation system recovers the heat and we avoid cooling the air more than occasionally during the hottest summer weeks.

During the ongoing renovation of the farm, we have continuously worked to use natural materials such as stone and wood. All paints are water-based and we have consistently avoided working with toxins and chemicals.

We were an early adopter of Green Building certification and still follow several of these procedures with set targets and follow-up.

It is a matter of course for us to continuously strive to create a safe, secure and developing workplace for our employees and colleagues on the farm.

We believe in the idea that if everyone does a little, a lot will happen over time. Don't wait for this, start today!