BC Partners



ApportGas supplies natural gas in the fixed gas mains to homes and businesses. Sign agreements on favorable terms and good prices. www.apportgas.se


Innerfuture is a consulting company working in the areas of organization and leadership development, mainly focusing on change and improvement in various forms. www.innerfuture.se


Jacob Lindh AB

Please see website for more information. www.jacoblindh.se

Sonnes Property Partners

Sonnes Property Partners is a company working with property development with certain core values like style, personality, and creativity. www.sonnes.se


Sten K Johnssons Stiftelse

Please see website for more information. www.stenkjohnsonsstiftelse.se

Torkild Sköld

Torkild Sköld lectures and educates in personal leadership, ie, how to take responsibility for and leads itself to create better results in life. www.torkildskold.se


Green & Co

Green & Co tillhandahåller service, maskiner, robotar och reservdelar, t ex. ultraljudssvetsutrustning, vakuumformning, formsprutning, extrudering, materialhantering, laser och tempereringsaggregat. Vi finns i Lund och i Anderstorp. Ledord på Green & Co är ansvar, moral och service”.


Geomatikk skyddar nedgrävd infrastruktur mot skador som kan uppstå vid markarbeten. Våra tjänster inom ledningsanvisning, inmätning och dokumentation skapar nytta för nätägare, kommuner, entreprenörer och samhället i stort



Business Community


Råbylunds Gård Business Community is a community of interesting people and entrepreneurs who are passionate about developing their business in a beautiful and creative environment. We offer about 50 places in the form of offices or open landscapes.




Råbylunds Gård Meeting provides meeting rooms for meetings, trade shows and conferences in a beautiful, creative and personal environment with the cultural landscape at the doorstep – we have different sizes of our meeting rooms and can accommodate up to 150 people while offering experiences and seductive food!




Råbylunds Gård Living consists of 16 tastefully decorated and furnished corporate apartments in different sizes from 20 to 85 m2 – this offers a peaceful accommodation like a hotel but with its own kitchen and without breakfast.